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Le 13 Mai, 2019

Here it is !

Tome 1 and 2 have been reconditioned to make them appear under the 2007 edition. So it was also necessary to do it for the English version 🙂

To download the story, click on the image or here.

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2019/2020 re-editing project

The volume 3 drafting project comes 12 years after the release of Volume 1 at the Fnac of Victor Hugo, in Grenoble. It was in 2007.
Many things have changed, and since the first lines I started writing for Bilevert, I grew up about fifteen years ago. The
vocabulary changes, so does the style, as well as the interests.

At the time of writing, we are in 2019 and I am 30 years old. Volume 2 and Volume 1, have had their presentation change on the month of April, because I now use another software for the layout more convenient when there are many images.

You will see on links to access either the 2007 edition or the 2019/2020 edition.

An English version exists for Volume 1 (this one ^^), perhaps soon for Volume 2.

The presentation is not the only reason for the need for re-editing. Indeed, the drafting of Volume 3 requires additional content in Volume 1 and 2 to be able to stick to the story. For those who already know history, the 2019/2020 edition will
allow you to guess who will be one of the main characters in Volume 3, because it will appear in the two previous volumes.

To find out more about Volume 3, go to the end of Volume 2 🙂

Some notes on Opus 3

Volume 3 will be a challenge, or even several at the same time. Because he will have to answer the following question:

“How to resume the trilogy I planned to write while being a student, whose writing will be participatory, by incorporating notions of geo-politics, trade and environment in a fantastic world, for a public of children and teenagers? »

The added value of this project? To understand the issues of our current world (relatively brutal) to future generations, through the “fantasy” (the fantastic world so) to soften the whole, and make complex topics accessible to the youngest.

For that I will need of world: illustrators, specialists in geo-political, environmental, and international trade. It takes time, organization, and funds, of course, because any work (even for pleasure) deserves a salary. The pace of this project is likely to be chaotic, because it will first be necessary to design a group of solid individuals. and coherent for the approach, which will not let us down the road for this role-playing game in which everyone will be assigned a character with a breadcrumb to hold.

(I start writing CVs as soon as possible to recruit the sovereigns of the neighboring towns of Sylvestra ^^)

We will get there!

Credit photo : Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

Quelques autres lectures…

Les projets 2020

Les projets 2020

On est en 2020 depuis 3 mois, il était temps que je me réveille pour écrire mes résolutions ! 🙂

Enquête : je dissèque quelques escroqueries…

Enquête : je dissèque quelques escroqueries…

Les escroqueries sont aussi variées que frustrantes lorsqu’on s’est fait avoir. J’ai moi-même failli passer à la casserole alors que je pensais être bien informé. De nouvelles véroles sont en ligne : j’aimerai en parler.

Passionné d’informatique, en veille perpétuelle sur l’évolution magique de cet univers pour partager autour de moi tous ses bienfaits. Activités : web, print, blogging, écrivain amateur.

Kevin Mad

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